The Labour Market Impact Assessment or LMIA is a necessary document obtained by a Canadian employer before hiring a foreign worker. The LMIA shows a need for an international worker to fill the job o position they are requiring and states that any Canadian citizen or permanent resident worker is available to do the job. ​

Obtaining a Canada work permit requires two processes. 

1. The Canadian employer must apply for a LMIA application.
2. The candidate needs to apply for a work permit. LMIAs are special to employers for the job position and location they had been required. 

The LMIA process divides in “high-wage” and “low-wage” employees. Salary under the provincial/territorial median wage is considered low-wage and equal to or above the median wage, high-wage. Depending on whether a prospective employee is classified as high-wage or low-wage, certain specific provisions apply. 

Generally speaking, all Canadian employers must provide evidence that they have attempted to find qualified Canadian citizens or permanent residents to fill job positions before turning to foreign workers. In addition, employers may be inspected for compliance to government regulations after their employee has begun working in Canada.
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