Welcome to Dévo Canada! Dévo Canada is a platform to help you find employment in Canada, and receive the necessary immigration help along the way. 

Dévo Canada is not a recruiting agency, it is a meeting point between you, Canadian employers, and authorized immigration representatives. To join and receive an assessment (to know what program fits best for you) is FREE! 

Dévo Canada helps potential employees find employers in Canada and immigrate in a simpler and more cost efficient way than ever before. All employers in the Dévo Canada system are legally established companies who are eager for you to apply to join their team. Similarly, Dévo Canada can help you locate and hire authorized immigration representatives, whether they are consultants or lawyers certified and governed by The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). They can help and represent you throughout the process. 

Please note that it is NOT mandatory that you hire an authorized immigration representative to help you with your work permit application, however we can help you locate and hire an authorized immigration representative if you would like one to assist you will your application.

Join us at Dévo Canada to start your journey to work and live in Canada.